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HMRC submission error 3314: Inconsistent duplicate fact values (uk-bus:EntityCurrentLegalOrRegisteredName)

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Follow these article to resolve error 3314.


This issue is caused when the company name contains the same name as the first director in the accounts e.g. "Bill Jones Decorating Limited" which has a director named "Bill Jones". When the iXBRL file is generated via Sage Assisted Tagging When the accounts are submitted, the submission will be rejected by HMRC with the error no. 3314 inconsistent duplicate fact values (uk-bus:EntityCurrentLegalOrRegisteredName).


TIP: This issue has been fixed in Sage Account Production Version 14 and Sage Account production V 11 , please update the software to the new version to correct the issue.


To correct the issue, you will need to remove the tags associated with the name of the entity officer and legal or registered name of the entity. Then re-apply them using the steps below.


  • NameEntityOfficer
  • EntityCurrentLegal OrRegisteredName
  1. Launch Sage Assisted Tagging and select Re-open previous file when prompted.
  2. In Assisted Tagging choose the Advanced tab.
  3. In the directors’ report, select the tagged instance of the directors’ name. Choose the Remove Tag option and select Yes to the prompt ‘Remove all copies of this tag’.

    NOTE: Only remove the tags against the director with the same name as the company name.  

  4. Select a tagged instance of the company name on the face of the accounts. Choose the Remove Tag option and select Yes to the prompt ‘Remove all copies of this tag’.
  5. You must now reapply at least one instance of the Companies name and one instance of the entity officers’ name.
  6. Select Validate & generate iXBRL to recreate the iXBRL file.
  7. Submit the accounts again via your corporation tax software.


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