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HMRC submission error 3315: Generic dimension member (uk-bus:Joint-venture1) has no associated name or description item.

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This article advises how to resolve this version of the 3315 HMRC error


This submission error is caused when Joint-venture 1 is used as a dimension on an iXBRL tag, but the tag for Name of joint-venture has not been used. In this scenario the Name of joint-venture tag must be used, otherwise the HMRC gateway will reject the submission with this 3315 error message.

The most common cause of this, when using Sage Assisted Tagging, is that the tag for Percentage of joint-venture held has been used, with joint-venture 1 selected in Dimensions.


Make sure you are using the most up to date version of Sage AP or APA.

NOTE: This issue should not occur in up to date versions of Sage AP and APA.

Make sure you are on the most recent version of Sage AP and Sage APA, and the most recent master in Sage AP, then try and generate the XBRL accounts again as this will likely resolve the issue in later versions of the software.

Still experiencing the issue?

If that doesn't work follow the steps below.

  1. Run your iXBRL accounts again for this client from your accounts production software (Sage AP, Sage APA).
  2. Choose Re-open previous file.
  3. Choose the Advanced tab.
  4. In the report viewer window, scroll down to the note to the accounts which contains information about joint-ventures. (Typically the Investments note)
  5. Highlight the name of joint-venture 1.
  6. In the All available tags window, click on the plus sign to browse to the following location.
    • Notes to financial statements and detailed disclosures > Information on subsidiaries, associates, joint-ventures and other participating interests and investments >Joint-venture
  7. Click Name of joint-venture.
  8. Click View/edit all.
  9. Use the drop down menu next to Joint-ventures and choose Joint-venture 1.

    NOTE: This example is for when the error relates to joint-venture 1, if the error mentions a different joint-venture then choose that dimension from the drop down menu.

  10. Click Confirm tag.
  11. Click Validate & generate iXBRL.
  12. Attempt to file to HMRC again.