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HMRC submission error 3001: xbrl.ixbrl.OrderDuplicate - Stock

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This submission error is generated when the comparative stock figure is incorrectly tagged within the explanatory text of the Stocks note to the accounts.


The full error is below:

The submission was not accepted:
The following error(s) were returned:
The request has not been accepted.
Error type: business
Error number: 3001
The submission of this document has failed due to departmental specific business logic in the Body tag.
Type: xbrl.ixbrl.OrderDuplicate
Number: 0
Location: Accounts
Found duplicate order attributes on '{}AmountParticularConsignmentStock' and '{}AmountParticularConsignmentStock', which are both children of the tuple '{}ConsignmentStockGrouping', and do not have the same whitespace-normalized values.

Occurred at


This submission error is caused when the current and comparative figures are tagged with the same grouping. The current and comparative figures must be tagged with the same tag, amount of particluar stock consignement, but they must be tagged with a different grouping. The current year should be tagged using group 1 and the comparative tagged using group 2.

It is when both figures are tagged using the same group that this submission error is generated.


  1. From your accounts production software, run the iXBRL accounts again. You will be asked if you want to re-open previous file or overwrite and create new.
  2. Choose Re-open previous file.

    When Sage Assisted Tagging launches the Assisted tab should report that no tags need attention, this is because you will have completed this already before you attempted to file the first time.

  3. Choose the Advanced tab.
  4. Use the scroll bar on the right hand side to scroll down to the Stocks note to the accounts.

You will need to look at the explanatory text added to the Stocks note. In particular, the tags used for the current and comparative balance of consignment stocks. For example, you might have the following stocks text.


The company holds stocks of imported scientific glassware on consignment from the manufacturer. The amount of consignment stocks held at year end was £9,275 (2011 - £10,355).

  • Imported scientific glassware would be tagged using description of particular consignment stock - Grouping = group 1
  • 9,275 would be tagged using amount of particular consignment stock - Grouping = group 1
  • 10,355 would be tagged using amount of particular consignment stock - Grouping - group 2

If the comparative figure (10,355) is tagged and the grouping is set to group 1 then this submission error will occur.

  1. Highlight the comparative figure.
  2. Click Change details.
  3. Use the Grouping drop down menu and click Add new group. The new group will be created and automatically selected.
  4. Click Confirm details.
  5. Click Validate & generate iXBRL.

After a few seconds you will be advised that the final iXBRL file has been produced and saved. You can now attempt to submit the iXBRL accounts again.



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