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"XBRL submission error: 3312 uk-bus:BalanceSheetDate, uk-direp:DateSigningDirectorsReport, uk-gaap:DateApprovalAccounts is missing."

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XBRL submission error: 3312


This is a known issue in Sage APA that is caused by having e-values within an XBRL tag. 


    Error Identification Number: 3312

    Location: Accounts

    Description Balance Sheet Date (uk-bus:BalanceSheetDate) is missing.

    Description Date of signing Directors Report (uk-direp:DateSigningDirectorsReport) is missing.

    Description Balance Sheet Date of Approval (uk-gaap:DateApprovalAccounts) is missing.




    This submission error is caused by having e-values stated within an XBRL tag. This will most commonly be with one of the signatory tags.

    Signatory to Directors report

    1. Select Reportpads > Directors Report > Signatory.
    2. Check for e-values within the XBRL tag and remove.

    Signatory to Accounts

    1. Select Reportpads > Accounts > Signatory.
    2. Check for e-values within the XBRL tag and remove.

    Removing E-values

    E-values are used to change the style of a font. They will be dispayed as a lower case e along with a number inside square brackets. So If you saw the following text inside the signatory reportpad:

    [xbrl "uk-bus:NameEntityOfficer", officer="Director1"][e22]Mr Director[e][end xbrl]

    You should delete [e22] and [e].

    You can now regenerate the XBRL file and submit your accounts.


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