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iXBRL Online Filing Error 3303: One of the Inline XBRL documents contains malformed xml

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When filing your CT600 and Accounts online in iXBRL format, you may receive the following error within Sage Corporation Tax when you are submitting to the gateway.


The request has not been accepted.

Error type: business
Error number: 3001
The submission of this document has failed due to departmental specific business logic in the Body tag.

Type: Business
Number: 3303
Location: Accounts
One of the Inline XBRL documents contains malformed xml. Please check the attachment and resubmit.

Type: Business
Number: 1605
Location: iXBRL
The attachment with the file name Limited Company iXBRL.html is in an invalid format.


Why do I receive this error?

As this error states 'Location: Accounts' and 'Location: iXBRL' it arises as a consequence of an error in the way the submitted HTML accounts file has been created.

How do I resolve this error?

When a HTML file is created within any Accounts software package, ensure that you do not open the HTML file and save it again from a web-browser as this may cause the above error. If you have done this, it is advised that you re-generate the HTML file and try to submit online again.

If you are still experiencing problems it is advised that you contact your accounts software provider:

If you are using a Sage product to generate your Accounts

If you are using Sage Accounts Production, Sage Accounts Production Advanced or Sage XBRL Tagging, we recommend that you call us on 0191 479 5999 for further investigation.

All other software providers

If you are using IRIS Accounts Production, please contact IRIS to investigate the issue further.

For all other accounts production packages, please contact the appropriate software provider for further investigation.



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