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Sage 200 Professional - Can I write a script to remove Disconnected Logins?

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Is it possible to write a script to remove multiple disconnected logons for Sage 200?


This is not supported. All disconnected logins should be cleared through User Login Status in Accounting System Manager. Note however that it is now possible to remove multiple disconnected logins at once in Sage 200 2013 using the Shift key and/or Ctrl keys on the keyboard.

There are 3 stages of disconnected login:

  • No Open Windows – Program crash when user only has Sage200 Desktop showing, or possibly a 3rd party program has logged on correctly but not logged off properly.
  • Open Windows – Non Multi-Legged – These can range from a user just having the Transaction Enquiry screen open when a crash has occurred, to a Sales Order form which is being amended but has not been saved yet.
  • Open Windows – Multi-Legged – These are normally SOP and POP related and the best example is where a crash occurs when a user is in the middle of entering an order line. I.e. several tables are being affected at the same time such as Allocation, StandardItemLink and OrderReturnLine tables