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Relocate your data

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The steps to move your Sage 50 Payroll data to another location on your computer or over a network.


You can use the Relocate Data option to move your company you are currently in, to a different location.

You can also use these steps to move your data from a server location to a local computer, either permanently or as a temporary measure.  


There are several ways you can relocate data to a different location:

  • Use the Relocate Data feature – use this to permanently move data to a new location 
  • Manually moving the data – use this alternative option to move multiple companies at once 

You can read more information on how to perform each option below.  

To check where your data is currently held, you can go to Help then click About. In the Program Details area, check the Data Directory

Using the Relocate data feature

This process moves the contents of the existing Company_XXX folder, into the folder you specify in the Relocate Data window.

Firstly, you must create a folder in the desired location you wish to move your data to. We recommend naming this folder the same as your existing data, such as Company_001.

 TIP: It's easy to check the folder name of the company you're logged into. Click Help, then About and check the Data directory under the Program Details heading.  

Once you create the new folder, you should complete the following steps to move the company data. 

  1. Click File then click Relocate Data.
  2. Enter the path to the new folder in the Data Path section.
  3. Click OK then click OK.

TIP: Depending on the size of your data and where it's moving to, this may take several minutes.

If you have a multi-company licence, you can repeat the steps above for each company.

To check the data has relocated correctly, click Help then click About. In the Program Details area, check the Data Directory. This shows the new data location. 

If you have a multi-user version of Payroll, link any other client computers to this new location so they can access the data. For further information about this, please refer to the 'Link other computers to the new data location' section.

Moving data manually

Instead of using the Relocate Data feature, you can also manually copy your existing Company_XXX data folders to a new location then connect payroll to them.  

This is best if you have multiple companies to move, or if you're moving your data temporarily, for example as part of troubleshooting an issue.  

To do this, you should firstly check the existing data location and decide where you want to move your data to. This can a different location on the same computer or to a server on a network. 

You then copy the Company_XXX folder that contains your data. This folder contains your Paydata, Submissions and Archive folders, along with other data. You then paste the folder in the new location.  

  1. Close Sage 50 Payroll. 
  2. Browse to your existing data location. 
  3. Right-click your Company_XXX folder, then click Copy.
  4. Browse to your new, desired data location. 
  5. Right-click, then click Paste.  

Next step is to connect Sage 50 Payroll to the new data location using the steps below. 

Link other computers to the new data location

After relocating your data, you may need to connect Sage 50 Payroll to the new data location, if you have multiple computers who need to access the data, or depending on which option you chose to relocate the data.  

Depending on your software licence and how you need to connect, there are three methods:

Use the Startup Wizard to connect to existing data - Single Company Licence

This is the best method to use if you have a single company licence and need to connect to the new data location. This is primarily used if you have moved the data manually.

Add a new company - Multi-company licence

This is the best option if you have a multi-company payroll licence. You can add the new company to your list and then remove the old one if required. 

This is best done for other computers that need to connect to a company after it has been relocated or if you have moved the data manually on your main PC.

Copy the Payroll.usr file

This is the best method to use when you have relocated multiple companies across multiple computers.

For this step to work, one PC must be already set up and connected to all the necessary companies with the correct data locations. You should follow the steps above to set up the first PC to connect to the data.


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