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Sage 200 - How to send your data to Sage 200 Technical Support

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Please use the following guide to assist with uploading your data to the Sage 200 Technical Support team.


This guide relates to sending data to technical support for products within the Sage 200 Suite and Sage CRM.

NOTE: We do not accept uninvited datasets. Data can only be submitted on the request of a Support Technician.


During the course of troubleshooting an issue, you may be requested to send in a copy of a data set for further investigation by the Support team. In many cases, the database sizes can be extremely large, even when compressed into a .zip format or similar. To help with this, we use a Thru Secure Enterprise Dropbox account which allows you to easily upload any data files that have been requested. In turn, the support technician can easily access the uploaded files quickly and efficiently.

Please refer to the steps below to upload your data files to the Support Team.

How to upload data via Dropbox.
  1. Click here to visit the File Transfer homepage. You may wish to bookmark the page for future reference.
  2. Click on the blue Upload Files option, which is illustrated below:


  3. Due to recent changes made by Dropbox you will need to register.  NOTE: If you do not receive the registration email click here


  4. If you have already registered to the site then complete the login section.


  5. A form will now be displayed in new window. Please complete the form as follows:
    • To: Enter the email address [email protected]
    • CC: Not required.
    • From: Enter your email address by which the Technical Support team can contact you regarding the investigation.
    • Subject: Enter the case reference number you were given by the support technician. If you do not have this to hand, enter the name of the technician you spoke to and the name of the client.
    • Message: Enter any information that will assist with the investigation. Such information should include but is not limited to the following...
      • The full version number of the software being used. For example, Sage 200 2011 Service Pack 5 and/or Sage 200 CRM 7.1g.
      • The full version name and number of the SQL database system in use. For example, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2008 R2.
      • Relevant usernames and passwords for the dataset(s).
      • Any additional information you wish to add such as your own internal reference number, business impact (if not supplied already) and specific details about the issue including where necessary, the steps required to replicate the issue.

      CAUTION: Failure to include sufficient details with your data upload may delay the progress of the data investigation. Please remember to supply as much information as possible.

  6. To specify the file you would like to send, please use the 'Add Files' option. Browse to the relevant file on your PC, highlight the file and select Open. Repeat this process for any additional files you wish to upload.  TIP: We recommend that sensitive data is zipped up and password protected prior to upload, the password should be shared via the Encrypted Message option. 
  7. Enter the validation characters in Step 3. You can refresh the image if any of the characters are unreadable. 


  8. Select theImage  button.
  9. The uploading of your file(s) will be begin in a separate window. Depending upon on the size and number of files, this process may take some time. You can continue to perform other tasks whilst the upload continues in the background. When the upload is complete, you should be presented with the following screen:


    You will also receive an email to confirm that your upload has been successful. Please retain this email whilst the data investigation is carried out. If you do not receive the screen above or a confirmation email within 30 minutes, please attempt the upload again. If you continue to experience issues when uploading your data, please contact the Technical Support team.

At what point will we ask for Data?

Getting data is always a last resort, we'll always ask for partners to perform troubleshooting or set the data up in a test environment.

How long will you keep my data for?

We keep the data as long as is required whilst a ticket is under investigation. We’ll delete the data within 90 days of ticket closure If we need your data for an outstanding defect, we’ll send you a further form to allow us to keep the data securely stored until the defect is fixed, supporting us with any replication steps.

How will data be requested?

A Sage technician must request the data from you and they will provide you with the incident reference and how to send the data to us. In line with our partner handbook unsolicited data will be deleted without being downloaded.

What product do you use to receive data?

As described above with use Thru Dropbox to receive the data We cannot accept data via any other method. Note: In extreme circumstances we may consider data being received via the post. This is done at your own risk & cost and may be subject to delays as any external devices would be security and virus scanned before being accessed.

Do you return data to us?

Due to data protection reasons, we cannot return repaired data. We will provide instructions to correct the problem, this could be in the form of a script or software patch.

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