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How do I edit multiple records at once?

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The Batch changes option is a great time saving tool that you can use in Sage 50cloud Accounts to make changes to multiple records at the same time, rather than amending each record one by one.


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Sometimes you may want to make the same changes to multiple records, for example, you might want to set the same payment due days on multiple customer records, or assign a group of products to a particular stock category.

TIP:  The Batch changes option isn't available in Sage 50 Accounts Essentials. To enquire about Sage 50cloud Standard or Sage 50cloud Professional for features such as Batch Changes, contact our sales team on 0191 479 5955, select option 3 for Sales and training (UK) or 014 470 806 (Republic of Ireland).  If you'd prefer us to call you back, submit your details >>

Make batch changes
  1. Take a backup of your data.
  2. Open the relevant module, for example Customers, and select the records you want to amend.
    TIP: To select all records listed, click Clear then Swap.
  3. Right-click one of the selected records then click Batch changes.
  4. On the blank record, amend the required boxes.

    Boxes which you can't change aren't available. If none of the boxes on a tab can be amended, the tab doesn't appear.

  5. Click Save then click Yes.

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