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Report Designer - Basic conditional formatting

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In Sage Accounts Report Designer you can format objects based on specific conditions, this is known as conditional formatting.


For example, you may want to display all customer balances over £1000 in red. Here we explain how to apply basic conditional formatting to your document.

For more advanced options, you can use advanced conditional formatting, or alternatively use If statement expressions.


Before following the steps below you must open your document in Sage Report Designer.

Set the format method to basic
  1. In Report Designer, on the menu bar click Tools then click Options.
  2. Ensure the Use Advanced Conditional Formatting check box is clear, then click OK.

Apply formatting

If you can't see the Properties pane mentioned below, on the menu bar click View then click Properties pane. If the pane doesn't appear, you can reset the Report Designer view to its default.

  1. In Report Designer, click the data field or variable you want format.
  2. In the Properties pane, click Conditional Formatting then click the finder button .
  3. In the Filter tab, click Edit, create the filter you want to apply to the variable then click OK.
    • When you enter a date within conditional formatting, you must use the format #yyyy/mm/dd#, for example, #2010/05/13#.
  4. Click the Properties tab and set the properties to apply when the filter is met.
  5. To confirm the conditional formatting, click OK.

Once you've added your conditional formatting you should save the changes to your document.



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