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Amend the Page Setup options, paper size and default printer settings on reports

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How to change various printer and page options in Sage 50 Accounts documents.


To change settings such as page size, orientation and margins for your documents, you can use the Page Setup option in Report Designer.


Before you start

Change the default printer

You can change the printer that is used by default for any reports or layouts in Sage 50 Accounts.

  1. Locate the report, or layout you want to change and click Edit.
  2. Report Designer will load, once it's open click File, then click Page Setup.
  3. Click Printer.
  4. From the Name drop-down, click the printer you want to use.


    Alternatively, to connect to a network printer, click Network and locate the printer.

  5. Click OK, then click OK.

Change the page setup options

These options control the size, orientation and margins of your print out.

  1. Click File, then click Page Setup.
  2. Change the page setup options as required, then click OK.


    Paper size Select the required paper size for your document. Only the paper sizes recognised by your printer driver are shown.
    Paper source Select a particular paper source for your document. For example, if you have set your document to print on A5 paper and this paper is held in Tray 1, to ensure that the paper is located correctly, select Tray 1.
    Orientation Select the required orientation for your document, portrait or landscape.
    Margins If required, adjust the margin settings for your document.
    Printer For further information about this please refer to the previous section Change the default printer.

Remove the default printer setting

This option removes the default printer setting so the document reverts to using the Windows default printer.

  1. Select the document you want to amend, then click Edit.
  2. In the Properties pane, in the Save Printer Settings drop-down click False.
  3. Click File, then click Save.
  4. Click File, then click Exit.

Save the changes to your document

  1. Click Report then click Report Properties.
  2. Enter a new name and description for the document then click OK.
  3. Click File, then click Save As.
  4. In File name enter a file name for your amended document.
  5. If required, browse to the required location for your document.
  6. Click Save, click File then click Exit.

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