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Set up and maintain your users

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This guide explains how to set up usernames and passwords in Sage 50cloud Payroll.


You can easily set up access rights in your software so that different users can log in and help process your payroll.  You can even restrict access to certain areas of your software.

Before you start

Before we set up your users, there are a few things you need to check.

  • You need to log into your company with the manager username.  This is the default login for your company and is the only username that is able to set up new users.
  • You can create multiple users by following these steps, however your software licence decides how many users can log in at once.  In your software click Help, then About to check your user limit.

TIP: Need to increase the employee license in your software? - Leave your details and we'll be in touch. 

Set up your user

Now you've logged in as manager, let's get started.

  1. On the menu bar, click Tasks, then click Security.
  2. Click Access Rights.
  3. In the Users section, click Add.
  4. Enter a logon name and password for the new user.
  5. Click OK.

 Now we can look at giving your user specific access rights.  In the table below we've listed the most popular ways to do this.  Once you've finished, click OK.

Restrict access to certain areas of the software In Allow Access To These Areas, check the boxes for the areas you'd like the user to have access to.  Alternatively, click Select All and just de-select the areas you don't want them to access.
Give the user full access rights In Employee Record Access, select all check boxes, set the Access Level to 9 and check the box to Include lower levels.  Then in Allow Access To These Areas, click Select All.
Access to only certain pay frequency employees

In the Employee Record Access section, select the required pay element check boxes.

Give the user access based on the employees access level In Employee Access Level, choose the relevant level.  The access level is located in the Analysis field of each employees record.

By default, each employee has an access level of zero, except for directors who have a level of 9.

Next steps

Congratulations, you've set up a new user and applied their access rights!  You can come back here at any time to

  • Add additional users.
  • Edit the details of existing users.  For example change the users password.
  • Delete your users. 

Why not try logging into your company with your new user details to confirm the access is correct?

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