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Can I complete year end tasks for more than one company at once?

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How to use the Multi-Company Tasks option to complete year end tasks for multiple companies in Sage 50 Payroll Professional.


Multi company tasks is a handy feature, available in Sage 50 Payroll Professional, that allows you to run a range of tasks in more than one company at a time.

This includes some year end tasks. Let's take a closer look.


Before performing any multi-company task at year end, ensure that you:

  • Take a backup of each individual company's data.
  • Have sufficient access rights. To perform multi-company tasks you must have an access level of 9, including lower levels, and access to all pay frequencies.
  • Set your process date to 5 April 2023.
  • Have completed preparation steps in the Prepare for your year end guide. Read more >
  • Installed your new tax year software before performing multi-company tasks. Read more >

Print P11s and P60s using Multi-Company Tasks

  1. Click Company then click Multi-Company Tasks then click OK.
  2. From the drop-down lists, click Reports then click Post-Update Reports.
  3. Select the relevant companies then, in the Apply actions only to, select All Employees then click Run Task.
  4. Ensure the date is set to 5 April then click OK.
  5. Double-click Year End then click the relevant year folder.
  6. To print the P11s, select P11 Deduction Card (NIC Details) then click Print.
  7. Confirm your printer settings are correct then click OK.
  8. To print the P11 Deduction Card (PAYE details), select P11 Deduction Card (PAYE Details).
  9. Click Print then confirm your printer settings are correct then click OK.
  10. To print the P60, select relevant P60 layout then click Print.
  11. Confirm your printer settings are correct then click OK.
  12. When you've printed all of the required reports, click Cancel then click Close.

Submit the year end submission for multiple companies

From v29 of Sage 50 Payroll, you can easily send the year end submission for multiple companies.

  1. Click Company, then Multi-Company Tasks.
  2. From the Type dropdown list, select e-submissions/RTI.
  3. In the Task dropdown, select Year end.
  4. Select the companies you'd like to include, then click Run Task.
  5. Check that the correct tax year is selected, then click OK.

The year end submission window now launches for you to complete as normal, which sends the submission for all companies you selected. 

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