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Processing leavers

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This guide explains how to correctly mark an employee as a leaver and provide them with a P45 in your Sage Instant Payroll.


When the new tax year begins on 6 April 2022, Sage Instant Payroll will no longer be compliant and support will end. Don't worry though, we've got you covered. Find out more >

When an employee leaves your company, you'll need to do the following tasks in your software:

  • Provide them with a P45.
  • Produce P11 reports.
  • Ensure that they're excluded from any future payroll processing.

To do this, after finishing their final payment but before submitting your full payment submission (FPS), you should mark the employee as a leaver.

Before we look at the steps to do that, we'd recommend you check our, things you need to consider guide.


Process your employee's final pay

If required, you must also remember to pay any outstanding amounts due, such as holiday pay.

  1. On the toolbar, click Pay Employees.
  2. Click Check pay date and enter the required date.
  3. Click Save pay date.
  4. If required, click Select employees to pay and choose the required pay frequency.
  5. Click Maintain employees' pay and enter the payment details for each employee.
  6. Click Save details for each employee.
  7. For the employee who's leaving, enter their final payment details.
  8. Click the Employee's Final Pay check box.

    If the employee has a Director Status of Director (Table Method), this box calculates their NI on a cumulative, year to date basis.

  9. Click Save details, then click Close Maintain Employees' Pay screen.
  10. Print any of your normal payroll processing reports and your payslips as usual.
  11. Finish payroll for the pay period.

You must now mark the employee as a leaver before making your FPS for the period.

Make an employee a leaver

Before following the steps below, you must first complete the payroll routine.

  1. On the toolbar, click Employee.
  2. Click Make an employee a leaver.
  3. Select the required employee name, then enter the leave date.
  4. On the list, click P45 - Plain paper (for e-submissions)
  5. Click Print P45 and P11.
  6. Print Report, click OK.
  7. Click Deductions Working Sheet P11 (PAYE) .
  8. Click Print Report, then click OK.
  9. Click Deductions Working Sheet P11 (NIC).
  10. Click Print Report, then click OK.
  11. Click Close Reports, then click Save details.
  12. Click Yes, then click Close Message.

You must now submit your Full Payment Submission (FPS) as normal. Read more >

What next?

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