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Report Designer - Hyperlinks

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A hyperlink is a link from an HTML page that when selected, opens another page, email or an Internet download. Using Sage Report Designer you can add hyperlinks to reports, layouts, letters or labels. This article applies to Sage Accounts v12 and Sage Job Costing.


To amend the hyperlink options
  1. Browse to and select the required report > Edit.
  2. Double-click the object you want to change > HLink.
  3. Amend the options as required > OK. 
To save your document
  1. Tools > Options > Document.
  2. Description box > enter your preferred description > OK.
  3. File > Save As > enter a file name for your amended report > browse to the required location > Save.
  4. File > Exit.
To run the document to HTML
    1. Browse to and select the required report > drop-down list > File > Generate Report.

Sage Job Costing - Browse to and select the required report > File.

  1. Save as type drop-down list > HTML > Save.
  2. Browse to the required location > enter the required file name > Save.


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