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How to use the analysis options

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This guide covers how to use the analysis options at company and employee level in Sage 50 Payroll.


Sage 50 Payroll contains analysis options that you can customise and use to analyse your employees.

For example, you could use these options to specify whether or not the employee is a union member or, if your company has more than one office, the office they are based in. Once the analysis details are set up, you can report on each, or all, of the options.


Company level analysis

From v29 of Sage 50 Payroll, we've added 20 company level analysis fields. This gives you greater flexibility when you're adding information specific to your business that you can pull through into your custom reports.

  1. Click Company, then Settings.
  2. Click the Analysis tab.
  3. For each analysis field you can enter both a Title, and further information if required under the Value section.

Employee level analysis

The employee record includes three analysis fields that you can use to enter further useful information for each employee.

TIP: If you have a number of employee records that have the same analysis details, you can use the Global Changes option to enter the information for a number of employees at once.

  1. Double click the required employee and click the Analysis tab.
  2. Enter any details you'd like to record in the analysis fields for this employee.

    TIP: You can enter a maximum of 30 characters in each box.

  3. Click Save, then Close.

This analysis information is visible on the employee list. There are no standard reports that show this information, but if required, you can add this to existing reports. For further information about editing reports in Sage 50 Payroll, visit our report designer - the basics guide.


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